Charges & Fees

As per Agreement Schedule- III Fees & Charges

Cheque Dishonour Charges per Cheque 750
Prepayment interest on Principal outstanding 5.21% + taxes
Issue of Duplicate copy of Agreement / Duplicate NOC / NOC for Duplicate Registration Certificate 750
Issue of Duplicate Security Deposite Receipt per Receipt 250
Cancellation of Contract (other than foreclosure and prepayment interest) at specific request of the Borrower and agree by the Lender 2000
Delayed Payment / Late Payment Charges / Compensation / Additional Finance Charges (Monthly) 0.03
Collection Charges for non PDC cases (per cheque) for non-payment on due date 500
PDC swap Charges 500 per swap
Repayment Schedule / Account Outstanding Break up statement 250
LPG / CNG NOC 2000
Statement of Account 500
NOC for Interstate Transfer 1000
NOC for Commercial to personal use 2000
Dishonour charges per instance 750
NOC to convert from private to commercial 5000 (Subject to approval)
Legal / Collections / Incidental Charges At Actuals
Repossession Charges At Actuals + GST applicable.

Taxes as applicable from time to time.

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